Climate & What To Wear

    The local climate is tropical and humid, but mild. Temperatures range from 26 – 31 degrees most of the year. July’s average temperature is 29. The hill country can be cool at night so an extra layer is sometimes needed. The rest of the time, light casual clothing is recommended. Travel lite.

  • Currency

    Local currency is the Sri Lankan Rupiah, which is approx. 120 Rs to one Australian dollar. There are ATMs available and all banks provide a currency exchange but SL notes are not exchangable outside of the country.

  • Tipping

    Tipping is not compulsory in Sri Lanka but within the travel and tourism industry it is being encouraged. For many hospitality employees and staff it is a necessary adjunct to their income. Gratuities will be covered by the tour, in general, but guests can add extra for quality personal service.

  • Flights

    Many airlines fly to Colombo. Air Lanka is good and reliable and flies from most major international hubs. It has a daily flight from Melbourne.

    For a budget airline, Air Asia is convenient and has a busy schedule. The current schedule, however, does not have connecting flights to Colombo and a layover may be required. Scoot is also a good budget airline that flys direct to Singapore and often has a convenient connection with Air Lanka on to Colombo. For national airlines, Air Singapore and Malaysian Airlines also fly from all Australian capital cities to Colombo, but not direct.

    Please contact your guide, Michael Murray, direct for more flight suggestions to suit you.

    Best Of Sri Lanka Tours recommends Belinda Lopez of travel Managers. Phone 0451 638 844 or email Belinda.Lopez@travelmanagers.com.au


    Daily breakfast is included on the tour. A selection of meals will be taken together as a group and the tour will pay for these. All other meals will be at the guests choosing and expense either within the hotels or outside. Tour guides will provide suggestions, recommendations and directions to local restaurants.


    Food quality and hygiene levels in Sri Lanka are usually very good. Concerns and precautions against infections and bugs need only occur when eating uncooked street food. Equally, water quality is very good but the bus will be equipped with complimentary bottled water at all time.


    A Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka is required if travelling on an Australian Passport.

    It is not a difficult process. It can either be done on arrival at Colombo airport but BOSL Tour request that all guests attain a visa online at least one week prior to departure. Purchasing a visa ($25 USD) at arrival can be time consuming as often there are long lines. Please visit this site for your online visa: www.eta.gov.lk

    Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is a requirement for all guests on Best Of Sri Lanka Tours. Your policy number will need to be registered with Best Of Sri Lanka Tours when making your booking. Some travellers will have travel insurance aligned with their credit card. Please contact the bank or credit card facility and ask for a copy of the policy.

    Anyone wishing to enquire about travel insurance can also contact our affiliated travel agent, Belinda Lopez, who is offering 10% discount to all Best Of Sri Lanka travellers. Please contact information under Flight Information.


  • Further Questions

    If you have any more questions please contact us (Best Of Sri Lanka Tours).

    Michael Murray, your guide, will also be available to answer any questions or concerns.